Friday, July 16, 2010

On This Day in Tudor History

On July 16th, 1546, Anne Askew (née Anne Ayscough) was burned at the stake as a Protestant heretic. Anne was an English poet and notorious Protestant, with well-known and royal friends, who was persecuted as a heretic. She is the only woman on record to have been tortured in the Tower of London before being executed.

Also on this day, July 16th, 1557, German noblewoman and fourth wife of Henry VIII of England, Anna of Cleves died. Anna was Queen of England from 6 January 1540 to 9 July 1540--just enough time for Henry to annul the marriage. The marriage was never consummated, and she was not crowned queen consort. Following the annulment, Anne was given a generous settlement by the king, and thereafter referred to as the King's Beloved Sister.

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