Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Trials of Anne & George Boleyn

Within hours of each other, siblings Anne and George Boleyn would stand trial on charges of treason in King's Hall at the Tower of London. Both would be declared guilty and condemned to death.

One year ago this week, I made my first journey to England and changed my life. The trip would forever alter my outlook, mood and attitude for the better. Upon my return, I found myself refreshed, renewed and ready to face all new challenges.

In some strange way, it was the unimagined strength of Queen Anne Boleyn to face her doom with poise and dignity that enabled me to come back to the U.S. and carry on despite my grave fear of the unknown future that lay ahead. I have always felt this kinship with Anne and I am proud to say I used it to my advantage over this past year. (Something I believe Anne, herself, would find a way to do as well!)

The way Anne behaved and lived her life -- always true to herself -- has so often been used as an explanation of her downfall and the reason so many people disliked her. I use it as a model for the way I intend to continue to behave and live my own life -- come what may. In this way, Anne's spirit will live on, through me.

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