Thursday, February 18, 2010

Creation of the Tudor Dynasty

I have been following this story for a few months now and was so excited to get an alert from The Times - UK today. We finally know the location of the Battle of Bosworth.
In Biblical terms: they found Garden of Eden.
On the morning of August 22, 1485, the last medieval king of England gambled his throne and his life on one desperate cavalry charge. Richard III lost everything to Henry Tudor (King Henry VII).
In those few frenzied moments the future of England — and by extension much of the world — changed course. Bosworth became the bridge that links the Middle Ages to modern Britain and ushered in the dynasty of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. If Richard had killed Henry there might have been no English Reformation, no Church of England and no Elizabethan golden age.


For centuries it has been impossible to revisit the Bosworth battlefield because its location was lost after the Civil War. Then, last October, Leicestershire County Council announced that it had found the site but would not reveal its whereabouts for fear of scavengers.
Click here for the full story in The Times.

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