Friday, July 24, 2009

A Dream Vacation...

For those of you who didn't come to my blog via The Anne Boleyn Files, I want to redirect you there, as Claire is offering a special Anne Boleyn Tour next May and it promises to be an amazing week!

Ironically, it is the same tour I arranged for myself just this past May to observe the anniversary of Anne's execution and my own birthday visiting The Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Hever. The major difference: they will do what I so desperately wanted to do, but couldn't, they will STAY at Hever Castle, the ancestral home of the Boleyn/Bullen family.

Space is EXTREMELY limited - only 30 places will be accepted.
If you would like more information or to book your space, go directly to The Anne Boleyn Experience.

On a personal note, I will be in school and most likely unable to afford the tour but trust me, I have done ALL the research and this is a one of a kind tour offer. There are NO Anne Boleyn-centric tours offered so if you are an Anne fan, this is a must!

**If you go on your own - as I did - and you're looking for a brilliant B&B experience just 3 miles from Hever, check out Starborough Manor in Marsh Green, Edenbridge. Call Lynn at (01732) 862152 or email her at Tell her Kris from the US sent you!

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